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Sarracenia flavaMike first started growing Carnivorous plants in the UK in 2015 and built up his collection in a 10ft x 8ft greenhouse – purely as a hobby. He sold a few at a couple of craft fairs in 2018. When we moved to Ireland in April 2019 we were able to bring the full collection with us as it was pre-Brexit!

He has been growing them on and in June last year he had a stall at Limerick Garden Festival and was taken completely by surprise at the amount of interest and number of sales. He also had stalls at 7 craft fairs and, again, sales were extremely good.

Due to Brexit it is not possible to import any more parent plants from the UK as the costs are just prohibitive. We have therefore had to go to Europe and have found a supplier in France so, together with our existing parent plants we will be able to add to them, thereby providing a much wider selection of stock for sale in the future.

Selection of carnivorous plants Selection of carnivorous plants
The above two photos were taken by Natalie Thwaite at Bansha Craft Fayre in July 2022.

Sales stock currently includes Alicia, Darlingtonia (cobra lily), Dionaea (sundews), Drosera (Venus Fly Traps), Nepenthes and Sarracenia.

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