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  Drosera (Sundew)

    Drosera - SundewDrosera are a widespread genus with over 170 species now recognised. Drosera leaves are flypaper traps. Insects are attracted to the leaves by the beguiling appearance of so much nectar. The droplets on the leaves are composed of adhesive mucus and the insects become trapped; their struggles for release instead coat them with enough slime that their breathing pores become clogged and they suffocate. Adjacent glandular tentacles, stimulated by the disturbance, bend toward the prey and join the feast.

They will help keep the flies down in your home as this is what they feed on and they do not require any other type of plant food. The pot must be permanently stood in a saucer of rain water and never tap water. If it is not possible to collect rain water then bottled water will suffice. R.O. (reverse osmosis) water, used for keeping marine fish and corals, is a perfect alternative to rain water. Darlingtonia don't like being kept in stagnant water so make sure it is refreshed regularly.

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