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  Calluna vulgaris 'Spring Torch'


Calluna vulgaris 'Spring Torch'
syn. 'Spring Charm'

Has mid-green leaves with cream, orange, and red tips in spring and short racemes of mauve flowers.

Source: The Royal Horticultural Society "A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants A-J", page 213


An outstanding plant with foliage tipped pink and red in Winter and Spring, cream and pink in early Summer. It has mauve flowers in late Summer.

Suitable for : Lime free soil. Thrives in full sun or partial shade. Mix moist moss peat with existing soil before planting deeply for first Spring and Summer after planting.

Height and spread: 45cm x 60cm (18in x 24in)

Care : Water as necessary particularly in dry weather conditions. Trim to base of flower spike after flowering.

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