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  Aubrieta hybrida Axcent™ Glacier Deep Purple

Aubrieta hybrida Axcent Glacier Deep Purple  

Genus of about 12 species of evergreen, mound- or carpet-forming perennials, found among rocks or scree, and in coniferous woodland from Europe to C. Asia. They have small, obovate to oblong, entire or toothed, hairy, mid-green leaves, and few-flowered racemes of cross-shaped, 4-petalled, colourful flowers, usually borne in abundance in spring. Grow on walls, as ground cover on a sunny bank, or in a rock garden.

Grow in moderately fertile, well-drained, preferably neutral or alkaline soil in full sun. Cut back after flowering to maintain compactness.

•   Full sun
•   Frost resistant
•   Flowers March - May
•   Height - 10-20cm
•   Plant spacing - 40cm
•   Suitable for bedding or containers

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