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  Hosta 'Blond Elf'

Hosta 'Blond Elf'   Please note: This photo was taken in October 2022 when the leaves were getting ready to close down for the winter.

Hosta 'Blond Elf'
A dense, dome-shaped mound 24in wide x 8½in high (60 x 21cm). Leaf blade 4½ x 2in (11 x 5cm), thin, chartreuse to muted yellow-gold, matt above and shiny below, veins closely spaced, edge widely rippled, leaf oval with an acute tip and tapered open lobes. Petiole narrow, chartreuse, appearing to pierce the blade. Flower funnel-shaped, lavender, on an upright, leafy, chartreuse, 14in. (35cm) scape from high to late summer; fertile.

Cultivation Notes: Tolerates morning sun in spire of its thin substance, except in warmer climates. Increases rapidly. Useful as an edging hosta or at the front of the border. Leaf colour holds well into autumn.

Source: "The New Encyclopedia of Hostas" by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack

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