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  Hosta 'Gold Standard'

Hosta 'Gold Standard'   Please note: This photo was taken in October 2022 when the leaves were getting ready to close down for the winter.

Hosta 'Gold Standard'
A dense, overlapping mound 41in wide x 22in high (102 x 55cm). Leaf blade 8 x 5in (20 x 13cm) of good substance, chartreuse turning yellow then ivory, irregularly margined dark green with some streaks jetting toward the midrib, matt above and glaucous below, seersuckered, edge slightly rippled, leaf slightly cupped, widely oval with a cuspidate tip and heart-shaped pinched to overlapping lobes, Petiole chartreuse, outlined in dark green.

Cultivation notes : Is very sensitive to light levels so site in bright light to moderate shade, depending on summer heat and the leaf colour required. Emerges late from purple shoots. Vigorous, easy to grow. A colourful specimen in the border and excellent in containers.

Source: "The New Encyclopedia of Hostas" by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack

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