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  Hosta 'Thumbelina'

Hosta 'Thumbelina'   Please note: This photo was taken in October 2022 when the leaves were getting ready to close down for the winter.

Hosta 'Thumbelina'
A small, tight mound 14in wide x 8in high (35 x 20cm). Leaf blade 3 x 2in (8 x 5cm) of average substance, mid-green, irregularly margined creamy white, with some streaks jetting toward the midrib, matt above and slightly shiny below, smooth, edge almost flat, leaf oval with a cuspidate tip and rounded open lobes. Petiole shallow, green, outlined in cream. Flower tubular, pale lavender, on an upright, green 3in. (8cm) scape in midsummer, fertility unknown.

Cultivation notes : Site in good light shade. Moderate growth rate. Best suited to rock gardens, gravel gardens or containers.

Source: "The New Encyclopedia of Hostas" by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack


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