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  Hosta 'Toy Soldier'

Hosta 'Toy Soldier'  

Hosta 'Toy Soldier'
A compact mound 24in wide x 10in high (60 x 25cm). Leaf blade 4 x 3in. (10 x 8cm), thick, glaucuous blue-green, irregularly margined chartreuse and creamy white, strongly veined, slight dimpling, edge randomly undulate, leaf flat, widely oval with a mucronate tip and heart-shaped open lobes. Petiole narrow, blue-green, outlined in creamy chartreuse.

Flower: funnel-shaped, rich lavender, in a long, dense raceme on an upright, bare, light green, 22in (55cm) scape from mid- to late summer; fertile.

Cultivation Notes: Site in light to moderate shade all day to preserve the subtle leaf colouring. Increases rapidly. Lovely with lacy ferns.

Source: "The New Encyclopedia of Hostas" by Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack, pages 272.

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