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  Andromeda polifolia 'Blue Ice'

Andromeda 'Blue Ice'  

Andromeda polifolia
(Common bog, rosemary, Marsh andromeda)

Variable, erect or semi-prostrate shrub producing, pointed, linear-oblong, leathery, dark green leaves, 1.5-3.5cm (½ - 1½in) long. White or pale pink flowers are borne on slender flower-stalks, in 2- to 5-flowered umbels to 3cm (1¼in) across, from spring to early summer.

Source: The Royal Horticultural Society "A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants A-J", page 113


Requires acidic conditions and shade, ideal for rock gardens, or shaded borders, prune when required to tidy overgrowth.

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