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  Laurus nobilis 'Aureus'


Laurus nobilis
Conical tree or large shrub with aromatic, narrowly ovate, glossy, dark green leaves, to 10cm (4in) long. In spring, bears clusters of greenish yellow flowers, 5mm (1/4in) across, followed on female plants by broadly ovoid black berries, to 1.5cm (1/2in) long. Leaves are often used as a flavouring in cooking. Contact with foliage may aggravate skin allergies.

Laurus nobilis 'Aurea'
has golden yellow foliage.

Source: The Royal Horticultural Society 'A-Z Enclyclopedia of Garden Plants, K-Z, page 612


Sweet Bay Tree
Leaves are used in cooking, evergreen tree which can be clipped and used for topiary. Aromatic foliage.

Approximately 12m (39ft) tall by as much across in 20 years if not clipped.

Ideal in sun or semi-shade, with a well-drained soil.

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