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  Welcome to Reiska Plant Nursery


Opening Hours
Thursday – 11am till 6pm
Friday – 11am till 6pm
Saturday – 11am till 6pm
Sunday – 11am till 6pm

Please note we will be closed on the following dates:
Sunday 25 August
Sunday 22 September

We have a large selection of bedding plants (in season), alpine & rockery plants, perennials, roses and shrubs.

In addition we specialise in Carnivorous plants, Hostas (small & miniature) and a small selection of Heuchera – all of which are grown at our nursery.

Our sales area includes:
•  the entrance yard currently houses a large
   selection of bedding plants and alpine &
   rockery plants
•  courtyard area with a selection of bags of
•  3m x 4m polytunnel with Carnivorous plants
•  14 x 2m long benches with a great selection of perennials, roses and shrubs
•  3m x 8m polytunnel with alpine and rockery plants which we are currently growing on.
   There is also a small selection of plant feeds and containers

Our own garden is open for viewing and customers are more than welcome to walk round.

Additionally, we have a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse which houses our parent stock of carnivorous plants and customers are welcome to peek inside but please do not touch the plants!


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