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Alpine cuttingsDefinition of an alpine
"The ter
m 'alpine' is used to describe small, low-growing plants that originate from a wide range of habitats, not just from alpine regions. The cultivation of these plants can be an absorbing hobby and a lifelong interest, with the possibility of collecting and growing together alpines from many parts of the world. They are very adaptable, as many species originate from similar environments, even though they may come from different regions of the world."   Source: "Alpine Gardening" - Chris & Valerie Wheeler, page 3

Whilst we do have a small number of alpine/rockery plants on sale at half price (were €3 - now €1.50) we are now concentrating on taking cuttings from all the plants in order to grow them on for next spring and thus enlarging the nursery side of our business.

Alpine cuttings     Alpine cuttings


Alpine cuttings     Alpine cuttings

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